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EIZO Introduces New Color and Grayscale Displays for Wide Range of Modalities

Posted on April 12th, 2012 by VeeArc

Disclaimer:  This is a press release created by  Karlsruhe, Germany, November 15, 2007 – Eizo GmbH Display Technologies, formerly Siemens Automation and Drives, has added both 1 megapixel color and grayscale displays to its portfolio of monitors in the medical field for surgery and modalities. The 19-inch displays, the SCD 19102 and SMD 19102, feature the latest viewing […]

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New Conrac Products Added

VeeArc LLC is proud to announce that it participated in a training for new Conrac products. These products are used from Siemens Healthcare for Patient Monitoring. VeeArc is authorized to service and repair the 12" and 19" Monitors, manufactured by Conrac, Weickersheim, Germany. As with all our products, we only use original spare parts and follow the manufacturer test and repair procedures. See more about Conrac Repair

CRT (Cathode-Ray Tube) Medical Monitor- Service and Repair

VeeArc Monitor & Display Services specializes in the repair of Siemens High Resolution CRT Medical Monitors used for Diagnostic Imaging, the Simomed HM product line.

We follow all Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) procedures to ensure all the CRT medical monitors serviced meet OEM specifications. Read More

What Quality Service Means to You as a Medical Equipment User

As a user of medical equipment, you will face the situation that your equipment sometime will have a problem and requires Service or Repair. If you have a Service and Maintenance contract with the equipment manufacturer, you are all covered and they will handle it for you.

Our Technicians are trained and certified by the most respected manufacturers in the Industry.

But is just a plain fix good enough? If your equipment is used for diagnostics you will need to make sure the performance after repair is within the manufacturer’s specifications and the set-up matches the manufacturer set-up otherwise you risk your patient health and life. Read More

Siemens High Resolutions LCD Display Repair

VeeArc specializes in LCD Services used for Diagnostic Imaging. Our Monitor and Displays support can assist you with your failing monitor and provide quality repair solutions. Read About our LCD Medical Monitor Repair

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Why VeeArc? Quality Service — Original parts — Manufacturer trained and authorized. That’s why customers choose VeeArc — and Manufacturers and Doctors rely on us.

At VeeArc, we understand the importance of Quality and Performance required for medical imaging. With manufacturer trained technicians, access to original manufacturer Parts and Instructions, we ensure that the repairs are done correctly; fulfilling the requirements and specifications from the Manufacturer Read More...